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3m Vinyl Car Wrap For Sale 3

3m Vinyl Car Wrap For Sale 3
3m Vinyl Car Wrap For Sale 3
3m Vinyl Car Wrap For Sale 3

3m Vinyl Car Wrap For Sale 3

carbon fiber vinyl from 3 m. Dry carbon fiber it give additional “look” like the original but with price 4-5 times cheaper. In addition to this deployment are also relatively easy for almost any surface with a blow dryer or heat gun. Mantapnya again, this is not a vinyl sticker prints but have 3-dimensional texture yg able to touched, so that makes it very real.


The 3 m excellence:
-Sticky energy best. Plus 94 primary dg, wow is definitely ngelotok catnya kalo revoked
-energy hold. SPT points above, was able to survive this vinyl bertahun2 desired without interruption ngelupas or similar. (not a 1-2 week spt other brands).
-3-dimensional texture of yg really … u got the look!
-flexible. Even able to cover the field of 3 dimensions like end of the table
-guys, cmon … its the 3 m

3m Vinyl Car Wrap For Sale 3


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