What is a ‘ CAFÉ RACER ‘?
This time it was STEVENSDRIVING back review concerning the world of motorcycling, because a lot of things interesting to the other i.e., mistakenly reviewed ‘ café racer ‘, or able to taken the drivers ‘ café ‘ conclusions ‘. Business Philosophy Paper

go to link Actually not able to ascertained when the café racer appears, do th. 1950s or 1960s, in areas of Europe (United Kingdom, France). As fitting this, against that time including the already available motor racing competitions of world level as well as the regional level. Of course this had an impact on the biker culture on the street that included the likes of motor racing in his personal style. Many come from those applying style motor racing. Incidentally they include satisfied hanging out in cafés. Thus arose the boos come from people around him, especially coming from truck driver, against them, along with calls of ‘ café racer ‘, meaning the wearer motor racing style but liked to hang out at the café, not on the circuit. The popular café pas it Ace Café café London, stand fitting.

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follow link Café racer culture developing consistent fit that. fans of the café racer modify machine motornya, that reach high speeds. At least capable of running 100 miles perhour (160 km/h). Imagine along with limitations of automotive technology that time already reached speed like that. 100 miles perhour given the term ‘ ton ‘. So the youth café racer including called along with a ‘ ton-up boys ‘.

The activities of the café racer is not just hanging out at the café, but including race. The start of racing on start fitting music rock on the juke-box begins, then they drove as quickly as possible towards a certain point, then turning back to the café, before the time of rock music on the juke-box ends. For that they include are mentioned with the term ‘ rockers ‘. That time th. the 1960s radio remain rarely used so that the juke box that became the entertainment music at the café. In addition they sometimes race originating from certain other cafes cafes is heading. Losing the race to drink treats the winning driver.

go to link At first the motor used is the United Kingdom, namely artificial Norton, AJS, BSA, Triumph. Sometimes they are mixing the chassis along with the engine comes from a different brand. Like the chassis machine along with the Triumph Norton, called ‘ Triton ‘. Or the chassis of the machine along with the Triumph BSA, Tribsa called ‘ ‘. With this blend make the motor be fast in a straight line and stable around the bend. The hallmark of this bike, the tank shape slim yatu, sometimes parts of the thighs bent riders into the tank so that capable pinned thighs; steering wheel bent down and not width, so that the sitting position ducking and lightly selap-skid in the city; footrest retreat; single seat upholstery; available including the use of a small fairing. For the other part sometimes is released so that the motor be lightweight. The café racer motorcycle so it becomes uncomfortable, but fast and lightweight.

follow url Café racer is capable of is considered as the pioneer of the modern sportbike can be. Their presence makes the motor manufacturer to create a motorcycle that is capable of being used on the streets along with fast and stable on the corner. And subsequent cultural café racer faded after the manufacturer of the motor is able to create mass processing motor capable of running quickly, without mandatory carrying out modifications.

That’s a bit of a story concerning the café racer, which turned out to be not just a style as motor racing, but actually used for racing and hanging out at the café, along with speed of at least 100 mph (160 km/h).

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