know style RETRO and classic motorcycle
in the eyes of the classic genre or rider retro it ought to have its own passion …

There is a nice nostalgia, yg emang hobby is available even available as of the reply limited to like his style …

what the heck is Delish wrote skimpy service motor??

yaa … motor now with yg service adequately qualified, rich Abs, Keyless, Mobile Charging, Security Alarm, etc..
but for fans of Retro and Classic will not improvising kok, a lot of yg’s so let me riding or touring so tasty …

then for spare parts? What is not a problem and expensive?

naahh there challenge for fans of Retro or Classic motorcycle, but all of us join a group, Club or community, no need to worry there is a problem part etc.

motor without a lot of modern antecedent modif, until cut cut the order, what not a pity?

usually all gone in pikirin mateng mateng BRO..
let alone all the result we can match expectations, so so heavy

do not worry problem police?

time ever had 24jt fine it Rookery problem has never been the Genesis, Yes, and all of us safety and completeness letter letters there are, according to ane remain legitimate wrote.
except we already increase the volume of the cylinder so that it affects the automatic cc, we need to report to samsat.

well according to the ane that’s more than a question of fundamental questions when a layman clay Classic Retro style motorcycle or default either factory or modifan …