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custom bent exhaust pipes

custom bent exhaust pipes



Mandrel-Bent Exhaust tube & Pipes
Build a custom exhaust with our choice of varied mandrel-bent exhaust tube amd pipes. We’ve got steel, mild steel, and chrome steel exhaust tube in an exceedingly apparently unlimited combination of lengths, bend angles, and radiuses to suit your area constraints. select from 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch diameters—as well as a range of sizes in between—to produce the proper balance of exhaust flow and backpressure for your engine. we feature pre-bent exhaust pipes from vivacious Performance, Hedman Hedders, Walker Exhaust, Diamond Eye Performance, MagnaFlow, and plenty of others—shop now!
How to Bend Exhaust Pipes

An inexpensive different to purchasing pre-bent pipes, bending exhaust pipes yourself permits you to interchange a leaky or rusted pipe quickly and with efficiency. Bending your own exhaust pipes ensures the simplest match potential, as a result of you regulate the bends as needed, making the custom match required. Improper bending of exhaust pipes, particularly once creating tighter bends, will ruin the pipe by inflicting it to crease at the purpose of the bend. There area unit 2 ways in which to forestall pipe creasing, shaft bending and filled-pipe bending. Filled-pipe bending is best with shorter pipes.
         Mandrel Bending

Measure the length of the pipe to the bend. On 90-degree bends, live this because the distance from the tip of the previous pipe to wherever you wish the so much wall of the pipe when the bend. For smaller bends, this can be wherever you wish the modification in direction to start. Add 2 to 3 inches for pipe affiliation overlap wherever the clamp connects. Mark this distance on the pipe slated for bending.

Locate the diamond or triangle mark on the bender shaft and line up the purpose of this mark with the mark you measured and created on the pipe.

Bend the pipe till it reaches the required bend angle. take away the pipe from the shaft.

Hold the pipe in situ to verify correct match and regulate as necessary to produce the custom match desired.

      Filled-Pipe Bending

Perform constant measure and marking as in Step one for shaft bending.

Pack the pipe tightly with sand and cap each ends of the pipe. There should be enough pressure within the pipe to forestall the walls of the pipe from collapsing after you build the bend. place the fastening gloves on.

Clamp the piping firmly within the bench vise, with the mark you created in Step one simply visible at the bench vise. lightweight the torch following the directions that came with it, heat the pipe at the purpose of the bend till pliable, and pull the pipe towards you to form the bend.

Remove the pipe from the bench vise and hold it in situ to examine its match and regulate your bend as necessary.

Remove the caps from the pipe and flush the pipe with water.


Another kind of filled-pipe bending uses a industrial spring placed over the skin of the pipe at the purpose of bending. each strategies need some effort to bend the pipe. Bend the pipe in degrees to make sure that the pipe bends precisely wherever you wish it. a mixture of filling with sand and victimisation the outer spring provides the simplest results once employing a bench vise to stay the pipe clamped in situ.

No matter that technique used, shaft or filled-pipe, bend the pipe slowly to decrease possibilities of kinking the pipe.



How to Bend Exhaust Pipes
How to Bend Exhaust Pipes

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