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Custom Headstock Decals


Custom Headstock Decals
Custom Headstock Decals


Opaque inks show abreast of all color headstocks.
Gold and silver square measure actually aluminiferous.
Ultra-thin decal material meams the sting quickly vanishes once lacquered over.
Clear decal material means that no cloudy backing.
Compatible with most spray lacquers as well as nitrocotton.
Full application directions enclosed.
How To Order

To order, please United States of Americae the shape on top of to inform us what you need your decal to mention, that font and what colour(s) you need it in. These decals square measure single line, therefore no matter you place in 4) Enter Your Custom Text are written on one line in your chosen font and colors.


Decals will solely be applied to sleek, non-porous, non-oily surfaces.
A lacquered or painted stringed instrument support is right.
Use a spray-on lacquer to seal the decal in.
Decals can’t be applied to oiled surfaces.
Decals can’t be applied to waxed surfaces.
Decals can’t be applied to reveal wood.

The sizes given on top of square measure maximums. every font varies tall, dimension and proportion. For your chosen size we’ll create the brand as massive as attainable among the constraints of the dimension x height size chosen.

To help you choose upon the suitable size decal for your project transfer and print our handy size guide: printable Size Guide.

Please make sure you have checked that the scale chosen can suit your obtainable house before ordering. we’ll create the text work among the chosen size.

Application directions

With each waterslide decal purchase we have a tendency to embody a sheet of comprehensive waterslide decal application directions that are downloadable here.


These square measure CUSTOM decals. Text are written within the fonts shown. Your requested style mustn’t contain any emblems or proprietary styles unless you’re the rights owner or have their specific consent to use such marks. By ordering you comply with these terms.

Basic Application directions

Sand your lacquered support to 600 grit.
Cut the decal to a ‘smooth pebble’ form – a particular define makes no sense.
Soak for one or two of seconds in water, then apply to support.
Smooth out and dry with tissue, then leave long to completely adhere.
Spray over with some clear lacquer.
Polish the support for an expert end. Our Complete sprucing Kit is right for this and contains everything you wish for hand sprucing lacquers to a high gloss.

Custom Headstock Decals on guitar
Custom Headstock Decals on guitar

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